Birthday thank you!

January 15, 2013 at 5:07 pm (Heather Pink, personal, Uncategorized)


Thank you to my readers, fans and friends that wished me a happy birthday on my Facebook, Twitter, email, and this blog!


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Joselyn Wohl, ex of Andrew Parker sued for attack of her sobrity coach

January 13, 2013 at 11:05 pm (Andrew Parker, New York, personal, Uncategorized)


UPPER EAST SIDE — A Manhattan heiress  with substance abuse problems roughed up her sobriety companion in her dad’s  swanky Southampton home, a new lawsuit charges.

Joselyn Wohl, the daughter of real estate mogul Larry Wohl, is accused of  throwing her addiction coach, Heather McKean, down a flight of stairs and  choking her.

McKean is now suing Joselyn, her father and her socialite mother, Denise  Wohl, for not doing enough to safeguard against the 32-year-old heiress’  “violent propensities,” according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan  Civil Supreme Court.

McKean’s lawyer, Bryan J. Swerling, said his client had worked for a year  with Joselyn as a live-in companion before the alleged March 5 attack.

“She was hired by the Wohls, Denise and Larry, to spend time with her  daughter, who obviously had some issues,” Swerling said. “One day Joselyn made  up her mind she didn’t want Heather around anymore and attacked her on the  stairwell and yanked her down the stairs.”

Swerling said Joselyn then choked McKean until his client managed to free  herself and locked herself in a room to call police. The lawyer said Southampton  cops took her into custody but never formally charged her.

“It took [McKean] by surprise,” Swerling said of the alleged attack. “It’s my  understanding that Joselyn has had some prior outbursts.”

The Southampton Town Police Department did not immediately  provide information on the alleged incident.

The Wohls, who have a Park Avenue apartment, are known for their philanthropy  and hosting galas around the city. Joselyn’s socialite sister, Arden Wohl, who  sports a signature headband, frequently shows up as a boldface name in gossip  columns.

A message left at Larry Wohl’s real estate firm was not immediately  returned.

Swerling said McKean suffered back and knee injuries in the alleged attack  and will need to have surgery.

McKean, who now lives in Florida, is also suing her employer, Cerberus Life Management. The lawsuit does not specify the  amount she seeks.

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Come say hi to me in NYC New Years Eve at Bamboo 52

December 21, 2012 at 8:33 pm (adult, Heather Pink, New York, Noel Ashman, personal, Travel, Uncategorized)

Come see my friend Gia Jordan’s musical debut!

I will be attending this event along with with MANY of my friends, RSVP is a must!  Price includes open bar, food, and top-shelf champange at midnight.

Click here to reserve a table!


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Happy Hanukkah 2012

December 11, 2012 at 6:26 pm (personal)

Sorry I’m late on this but I’ve been busy with work and veterinary specialists visits with my dog for the last couple of weeks.

Happy Hanukkah to my fellow Jewish readers!


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Hey Joseph

December 10, 2012 at 6:47 pm (Heather Pink, personal)


Get a life, stay off my page, and stop stalking me.

Keep in mind I also have your ip address so dont do anything stupid.
The “Cunt”

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Just wow.

December 10, 2012 at 8:37 am (adult, Heather Pink, personal)

There is an increase in “new fans” these days that are contacting me saying “they recently became my fan after they discovered me for free on a tube site.”  This is usually followed by some moronic questions or statements.

Just stop following my career that ended in 2007. I don’t care if you don’t like me anymore. I don’t like you.

And BTW, “new fans”, while we are on this subject…. Hitting me up on my personal Facebook page where I speak to people I’ve grown up with and family members isn’t the best way to approach me either.

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Fans/Readers: Stop telling me to get back into performing!!!

July 14, 2012 at 11:49 am (adult, Heather Pink, personal)

In the last month I have read emails from more than one individual that reads something like:

“Don’t you miss performing?”


“I have a great idea- you can go back to performing!”


“For my own selfish reasons I am hoping you go back to performing.”


“How could you EVER want to quit performing?”

Or simmilar questions. If you really read my blog you might be able to see there is\was more to me than what I did on screen years ago. Your wanting this for my life is an insult. Not to mention that I’m several years older than I was when performing. Add the fact that I live 3 thousand miles away from the porn industry. 98% of porn shot outside LA or maybe Miami isn’t even legitimate companies. So I risk getting hurt or killed.

Plus even the legitimate porn industry is in the toilet these days. If you really want to know what’s going on in porn don’t read any of the “porn cheerleader” blogs. You can tell who they are if they post press releases. If you want to read a good, truthful porn industry blog is the best one to read.

If you really feel the best thing I can do with my life is get back into porn, just quit reading my blog. I don’t need your readership.

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Happy 5th birthday Butter!

June 29, 2012 at 9:57 pm (doggie, New York, personal, pets)

My annual birthday update on my dog. This year was very tough. Starting with the fact we’ve moved several times this year. If you read my previous posts you may have seen that I left LA. Another bicoastal move. Hopefully my last. This was compounded by the fact I had to sublet several apartments in Manhattan. But now my dog and I have a huge 2 bedroom apartment with back yard. I think this is the best home he’s had so far. He’s calmed down so much since he’s been here.

Also this year marked an onset of epilepsy which I brought up in another post. The vet told me to watch him until August and delay any scheduled vaccinations. So far he hasn’t had a seizure since February. He could be done.

For his birthday today I took Butter to Asbury Park, a very cool dog beach in New Jersey. I had him photographed by a well respected dog photographer/artist. From the few shots I saw they look beautiful. I’ll post them at a later date. But here’s a temporary pic from my last apartment in midtown(where I no longer live)


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Just returned from Florida

May 12, 2012 at 5:55 pm (miami, personal, Travel)


I went to visit my parents in Palm Beach for the first time in years. Everything better then I expected.  They are just living a quiet life, buying and renting real estate, and growing organic produce. I spent several days with them, then headed to Miami for the remainder of the trip for a few days of food/beach/shopping. 

The flight was so short and easy I may return for occasional weekend trips. Overall, I had a great time.

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“Sherry Clark” (

March 25, 2012 at 8:49 pm (adult, Heather Pink, personal)

Your series of nasty misspelled comments that you attempted to post last night were a waste of time and effort it seems.

If you hate the girls in the industry so much stay off my blog.

I have your ip address (as well as everyone else who has ever posted a comment here.) Not a good idea on your part to bother me.

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