Condoms in porn

June 11, 2011 at 4:28 pm (adult, Health, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Travel, Uncategorized)

In the last weeks Cal/OSHA meeting there was a huge industry upset in that they were informed that they are requred by law to use condoms at all times in film, simulate popshots, and no internal cumshots. They said that they are legaly required to do so and have been for at least 10 years. Twitter among the industry went crazy, very angry upset tweets. Many said they would just move to Miami or Vegas to shoot. But is that the best answer? It’s not legal to shoot in either city. People in the valley don’t seem to understand that the whole world isn’t porn valley. If a few insidents take place it could cause a lot of problems. I have even heard that if you shoot in Las Vegas, you could face 10 years in jail. Who knows how true that is. Personally, I don’t want to find out.

On the bright side, and I know nobody wants to hear it, but I’ve had beautiful, above porn quaility model-type girls, and some being actual models and actresses tell me they would be interested in porn, but ‘oh yeah there are no condoms and I don’t want to catch (fill in STD here.) I’ve met other retired girls, some of which were huge name AVN winners that said they would love to shoot again but not without a condom because they feel they can’t be exposed to more STDs. So in some ways I think the quality of performers could get to be very good from this.

I can remember before I got in the industry watching hot movies from companies like VCA and Vivid that showed condoms but they were well done feature films. I remember watching non-condom movies and they were hot also but there was a part of me in the back of my mind that wondered about STD exposure.

If the indusrty does in fact have to go back to using condoms, maybe they should also go back to putting out a higher-end product rather than the gonzo, here’s a couch, here’s some florecent lights, girl fucks, girls gets cum in her face prototype. They may argue that the higher end will lose money but in all honesty because of over-satuation and Internet piracy they will all be losing money regardless. Porn is no longer a get rich quick sceeme and may never be again.


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Oops… I Just Told My Employer to Fuck Off

November 29, 2010 at 3:35 pm (Heather Pink, Las Vegas)

Does anyone know anyone in Vegas who is hiring for a job that dosn’t require screwing or taking my clothes off? I just quit my job and they pretty much deserved what they got. I had 2 days worth of harrassing, insulting, threatening, texts from the guy, as late as 1 am. To the point of which my friend that I was with was asking if he was manic or on coke. I guess with the 16% unemployment they just feel they can act any way they want here.

So I cussed him out. It felt awesome. Before this year I have never cussed anyone out in my life. I usually take any work I’m doing seriously.

If anyone knows anyone who is hiring for anything please contact me. I’ve done high end sales, worked in fashion, worked in nightclubs, as well as regular desk jobs. It’s not like I don’t have job skills. I’ve held jobs since I was 15 and would even work regular jobs durring my porn career.

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Twitter Update

October 17, 2010 at 6:33 pm (adult, Heather Pink, Las Vegas, mainstream, New York, personal)

My new twitter address is!/iwasheatherpink

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I think it’s time I bring this up.

August 30, 2010 at 1:40 pm (eating disorders, Health, Heather Pink, Las Vegas, New York, personal, phlladelphia, Travel, Uncategorized)

I have been in Philadelphia in a program for my weight since the end of June. I became stressed out, depressed and sick. I had someone in my life who were telling me I was physically unattractive and not significant. They would go through the list of  girls that were “better than me”  I even heard that Samantha Ronson was better looking than me!  I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.  The experts that I speak to on a regular basis says this person was most likely a contributing factor in this, even though the tendencies may have been there longer.  I am furious with this person and how they treated me.  They say I have every right to be.

I was hospitalized 9 times this year due to electrolyte imbalances, blackouts, internal organ problems, and malnutrition.  It is very difficult to enter a program, even with insurance.  Most insurances will cover for drug and chemical dependency, but not eating disorders.  Plus, it is not even legal for programs to recommend an insurance company that may cover.  It took me 6 months for me to get excepted by one.  By the time I was excepted, this person had left, saying, “I don’t care what happens to you.”   I would never put someone else through that and be able to sleep at night.  It felt like I had nothing left.

I entered this world renown program on June 28, 2010.  I weighed 80 pounds, which dropped to 78 pounds within a few days.  I was examined by internist who ruled that by body could no longer absorb food or the medications.  I would have  died.  I was hospitalized for yet another month, on IVs, and later on a feeding tube.  I would have to eat one food a day until my body could produce digestive emzymes starting with rice, then baby food, (the fruit ones were actually good) eventually I was able to eat most things and my weight went up. 

As of today I am making arrangements to leave the program on September 17th.  On Tuesday I will be looking into another program part-time in Las Vegas, which was one of the cities I was looking into moving to anyway.  I just want to make sure I continue to do well.  I have no idea how much I weigh and am not sure I want to know,( although I miss my Hello Kitty scale, heeheehee)

It is very dificult for me to go public with this, go easy on me.

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