Happy 5th birthday Butter!

June 29, 2012 at 9:57 pm (doggie, New York, personal, pets)

My annual birthday update on my dog. This year was very tough. Starting with the fact we’ve moved several times this year. If you read my previous posts you may have seen that I left LA. Another bicoastal move. Hopefully my last. This was compounded by the fact I had to sublet several apartments in Manhattan. But now my dog and I have a huge 2 bedroom apartment with back yard. I think this is the best home he’s had so far. He’s calmed down so much since he’s been here.

Also this year marked an onset of epilepsy which I brought up in another post. The vet told me to watch him until August and delay any scheduled vaccinations. So far he hasn’t had a seizure since February. He could be done.

For his birthday today I took Butter to Asbury Park, a very cool dog beach in New Jersey. I had him photographed by a well respected dog photographer/artist. From the few shots I saw they look beautiful. I’ll post them at a later date. But here’s a temporary pic from my last apartment in midtown(where I no longer live)



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Canine seizure

February 25, 2012 at 2:44 am (doggie, pets, Uncategorized)


This morning started normal. Woke up, ordered in food, then went to walk my dog before it arrived. When the delivery person hit the buzzer my dog didn’t run to the door, which is unusual for him, but he looked fine so I wasn’t alarmed.

I go to set the food down and he fell to the floor LOUDLY. His back legs were not moving at all and his face looked blank. I grabbed him and put him on the bed. His legs went stiff and his body started contorting and shaking hard.  I didn’t even get dressed, picked him up along with a blanket and got a cab to his vet in Chelsea. I almost forgot my shoes even.

The veterinary office was busy but they took him right away to the front of the line. The people in line were very understanding.  They took him to a room in the back to examine him and take his blood. The technician told me that from what I had told her it sounded like a he had a seizure, which is very common in dogs. They sent me to another room in the back to wait for him. After about 10 minutes they brought him back to me.

The picture above is how he looked. Like nothing ever happened.

They said from the bloodwork he’s completely healthy. But there is a good chance of him having another seizure. They said they can’t tell when that will happen. It could be anytime between tonight and next year. They also said if he has more than 3 in one month to start him on medication.

I’m grateful that he’s healthy but I’m still very worried about him having more seizures. I never want to see that again, it was horrible. I am also grateful that I can afford proper medical care for my dog. I was not in a good financial position last year but that is a story for another time.

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Happy 4th Birthday Butter!

June 29, 2011 at 8:52 pm (doggie, Los Angeles, pets)

In Palm Beach with my parents Bichon



Butter continues to be the worlds best little dog.  Instead of buying him a ton of gifts this year we decided to do charitable donations to one of our favorite charities in his honor this year. 


I talked to SpcaLA and they agreed.  Donations can be made online.  I have given to them since their Hurricane Katrina efforts in 2005.





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NYC No More

October 24, 2010 at 12:28 pm (doggie, Heather Pink, mainstream, New York, personal, Uncategorized)

On October 11 I arrived to Penn Station via Acela from Boston. It was an eerie feeling. As I was hit by large marble-sized hail while waiting for a cab, I thought to myself that it was a sign that I was in a bad place. Even though I considered it home, the last time I had set foot in Manhattan was late June. The weather was beautiful at that time, but the circumstances made it so I couldn’t enjoy the summer there. I was sick and in an abusive situation. I walked around in a haze. I could barely walk one block and rarely left my apartment. I went away as a last resort to fix myself.

As much as the people of NYC say that it’s the best place on earth it has many downfalls, the people in itself for one. They get competitive over things that it’s not even worth getting competitive over. I remember a few years back, being at work on Madison Ave. and a woman who knew me in passing asked me what I did over the weekend. I happened to have gone to Miami so I told her. Her response was, “Well, I just got back from doing charity work in INDIA!”  I’m tired of being one-upped on everything.

Or there’s the over emphasis on old money. People always manage to slip in a question about what your parents/family did.  My father designed government buildings and that was never a good enough.  I would have been better off to come from an old money family even if their money was gone.

And I can’t tell you how many times my “good friends” have been photographed at parties hanging out with my ex’s because they get them into events and night clubs.  It pisses me off that loyalty lies with these people who clearly don’t deserve it.

As my time in treatment ended I found myself dreading the returning to what I had left.  I looked into houses in other cities and enrolling in school, and made a decision.  So I returned to Manhattan for a little less than 24 hours last week to get the rest of my belongings and dog.  Had steak tartare and pate one last time at my favorite restaurant Orsay, and left.  Part of me felt like I was moving on, and the other part felt like I really failed in a city that I once really loved.

Anyway, hello Vegas.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Butter!

June 29, 2010 at 11:43 pm (doggie, Los Angeles, New York, personal, pets)

Butter as a puppy in our old apartment in LA

Butter sleeping May 2010
As you have most likely figured out, Butter is my dog.  He is my 2nd Miniature Pinture.  Parker my first was lost in a quasi high-profile custody battle with my ex Andrew  in 2006. (http://adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=17172 )  I was told to “just get another dog.”  In my opinion, you cannot replace a dog any more than you can replace a person.
So a year goes by before I felt ready to get another dog.  I didn’t want a puppy so I looked into rescue groups.  I looked into other breeds.  I looked at dogs for six months.  Then, one day I wasn’t looking.  I was vacationing at The Capri in The Hamptons where somebody told me they knew someone with Miniature Pincher puppies  I didn’t want a puppy but I looked anyway.
It was a large litter with some of the puppies being two-toned brown and the rest being black and brown.  He was the one that resembled the one I lost the most.  I held him on my lap and he cuddled into my leg.  He had the same personality as my other dog.  I was sold.  I wish they didn’t dock his tail, but it’s cute anyway. I had an earcrop option.  I said no.  He has the cutest ears, like a pig.  And I wasn’t going to breed or show him. 
Buzzkill: Butter was paid for with money from a Max Hardcore scene!
I picked him up from LAX about a week later.   I took 10 days off work to train him.   He was housebroken in 4 days.  Crate training was easy.  He hardly ever barked.  And this is considered a difficult breed.  I either did a good job or was very fortunate.
The only names that fit him were these really feminine names.  He was nameless for about 2 weeks and I was told by people his name would come to him.  I was at the Mondrian Hotel pool with him and a random stranger said his name is either Butter or Carmel.  Butter was the less girlish of the two.  It was supposed to be a temporary name  until I came up with a better name.  He responds to Butter so it stuck. 
At times like these it feels like he is my only real friend.  I’m out-of-town and can’t be with him.  I left his presents with me roommate:)  He won’t know the difference, but still….

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