New Years Party Recap

January 14, 2013 at 12:50 am (Gia Jordan, Heather Pink, mainstream, New York, Noel Ashman)

New Year’s 2013 was the best I had in years! So good in fact that I still havent fully recovered. I usually opt not to drink. I probably have as little as 8 drinks a year. I had a few more than that from what I remember.


This pic says it all. I woke up the following night (yes, night!) sick and have had the flu ever since. But it was the best night out I had in a very long time. Special thanks to Noel Ashman, Gia Jordan, Melle Mel, Liam McMullan and all the new friends I made that night.



  1. miss_t_from_canada said,

    Hi Heather, Happy 2013! I stumbled on your blog in the strangest sort of way…I hope things are well 🙂 This video is pretty awesome. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. ashman is a nobody said,

    If anyone continues to have problems & issues with this scum, noel ashman, who is a nobody who continues to think he’s some big “mogul” when he just lives on his trust fund from his daddy & employs an assistant with that money for we wouldnt know what except to jerk him off when he wakes up late at night after a long previous day/night of watching porn (his secret addiction), here’s his info to contact him:
    Hm: 2125174516

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