This is what I look like now.

January 5, 2012 at 6:00 am (adult, personal)


Most pics on the internet that you guys look at are from while I was working in the business 4+ years ago. I have deliberatly stayed away from being photographed because I feel I’m getting older. Industry likes to find these pics, post them on various websites, laugh at you for getting older and say you look like crap.

Most days I’m dressed down and I wear very little makeup. In recent years I have gone up to 3 weeks without wearing it.

So this is what I look like as of a few days ago at a New Years party with Gia Jordan. My body looks the same, my hair is a little darker.



  1. Jim said,

    you are still charming and sexy :-*

  2. Kevin M James said,

    You look great. Thanks. Happy new year.

  3. Ed said,

    Both of you look terrific. I love the smile; happiness is a good thing.

  4. gia jordan said,

    Thanks, Ed! And Heather my dear friend, you have a beauty about you that’s both gamine and elegant.

  5. Christopher London said,

    Heather: You are still every bit as charming and sexy as ever.

  6. Steve said,

    Heather, I can tell you would look incredible without makeup as well. You have great bone structure and one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen.

  7. Jaja said,

    You two still look amazing. Hope you two have a happy New Year.

  8. Michael said,

    It’s truly unfortunate that the insecure and lonely feel the need to criticize us for simply living (and aging). Unfortunately, that about sums up the porn industry. Regardless, I think you look incredible; I first saw you when I was 18 in 2004, and you still look beautiful. Ignore those porn critics, as they’re usually fat, single men with performance issues.

  9. Barry said,

    You look as beautiful as ever if not even more so. On another note, some of those in the business don’t seem to age too gracefully anyways so they can’t really talk when it comes to that.

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