November 28, 2011 at 8:09 am (personal)

Almost every day now I check my email and find invitations that people have left me to remind me to join LinkedIn.  I have to laugh.

Why would a retired pornstar persona need to join LinkedIn?  Isn’t that a social network to network with business perfessionals?

Are there not enough places on the internet to get a hold of me if you really wanted to?

I am not joining LinkedIn.  Just stop already.



  1. Tom Cat said,


    i have just recently learned of your existence in the last week or so–yes, it was initially because of your background in movies: your beauty just overwhelmed me, seriously knocked me out–just like in cartoons whenever Tom the cat (one of the protagonists from the old “Tom and Jerry” cartoons) saw a really pretty lady-cat, the cartoonist depict him with eyes popping out of his head, tongue dropping out of his mouth, and then a big metaphorical horn rings above his head, to symbolize how amazed by her beauty he is. just so feminine and amazing…ok enough of that ; )

    But then i read a bit more about you, especially on your blog here, and i became really fascinated by you “the person” instead of you, this really pretty red-headed woman i saw on the web.

    I don’t have much to say, and why should i, since i do not know you at all. It would be presumptuous of me to be any more intimate at this point other than to say, i really sincerely wish you well. you are struggling with some really tough identity issues.

    So basically i just want to say, i appreciate your struggles, and I hope your effort to find meaning and purpose in your life is one day successful. Finding your station in life in our times can be exciting–because there are SO many amazing possibilities. But–finding your station in our time can also be really stressful–because there are so many possibilities to choose from! (ie, how do you know THIS or THAT path is the exact right one, before you try it??)

    anyway, i enjoy your blog, and for now, have a great holiday,

    -“Tom cat”

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