Lori Alexia murdered. My crazy fun friend

November 21, 2011 at 10:08 pm (adult, New York, personal)


Early in my adult carrer Lori was one of my better friends.  We met at a pornstar carwash that nither of us could take seriously.  She was dancing on a patron’s Ferrari in stripper heels and wrecked their paint job.  Needless to say we were never invited back.  She was an incredible dancer.  We liked fashion and eating at the best restaurants.  We often talked about those things.  She was beautiful.  And fun.

She left porn before I did and we lost touch.

About a month ago Lori and her boyfriend were fighting about money.  The argument ended with Lori getting shot by her boyfriend.  Lori died.

The story becomes more sad as her family was sent the wrong body.  The situation was resolved but her mother does not have money for a proper burial.  A fund was set up but I’m not sure how much they knew about her adult carrer.  Therefore, I’m not sure if I should post. 

To make matters worse, she was living right here in New York!  I wish I knew she was here.

Rest in peace, Lori.



  1. Ricardo Fair said,

    I just read about Lori Alexia/Penna Piererra’s untimely passing last night! TRULY A SAD DAY! She was just chillin, making music, doing her thing, and then to find out about her passing! I ALWAYS THOUGHT that she was TOO GOOD for porn, like she could do SOOOOO MUCH MORE, not that I’m knocking porn, its just that she has such NATURAL BEAUTY, that when I saw her in a scene, it just seemed to me like porn wasn’t REALLY her place! I know that I’m a HUGE fan of hers, and I will miss her!

  2. Rob said,

    Heather, just stumbled on this blog. Just know you from a few old videos. Aside from the porn it seemed to me you looked attractive and funny and smart somehow in the videos. Now that I’ve read this blog I can see that is true.Hope your life is going well.

  3. Andrew coleby said,

    Why did that guy killed lori alexia?

  4. clement said,

    This news already spoiled my day. she was one of the girls i always dreamed of fucking ones i make it to the us. May her sexy soul rest in PEACE..

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