Good-bye Los Angeles

September 4, 2011 at 2:09 am (Los Angeles, personal, Travel)

It’s true, I have spent the last 3 days in LA packing and throwing things out.  I came back to Los Angeles earlier this year because I took a commission based job and apartment here when it was proven the short stint I did in Las Vegas wasnt going to work out. Well at first the job and money here were okay but not great. Then, money started slipping.  I went from making decent income to around $135 a week of which $100 was spent on the gas it took to get to work.  When I went to New York last month I looked into other jobs and found one that paid 10 times more than what I was originally making here.  Therefore I’m leaving LA

I used to think I hated it here when I moved here in 2006.  I lived in Hollywood first.  My neighbors would take my to these “Off the chain industry parties!”.  I’d find no important people, no gift bags, and lots of aspiring actresses that would talk about how they are there to “network”.  I’d go back to New York sometimes 3 times a month and miss how my life was before LA.

But once I left Hollywood, I met some of the most genuine friends I’ve ever had in my life here.  I realized I didn’t hate LA, I hated the Hollywood scene.

I am moving back to New York tomorrow because I have an offer that will make 10 times more than what I was making here back in January when I was doing well.  I guess I will enjoy my vacations here someday in the future, but living here i don’t see working out again, unless there is a major economic comeback.  I don’t see that happening, unfortunately.


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  1. Jim said,

    I wish you a happy life, wherever you live 🙂

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