Mixed feelings: I’m going upstate for Hurricaine Irene

August 26, 2011 at 10:56 pm (New York, personal, Travel, Uncategorized)

First off, I seem to remember two other hurricaines called Irene. One was a category 2 storm that hit South Florida a little over 10 years ago. I didn’t event know it was going to hit. I was moving into a new waterfront apartment in Palm Beach. My cable and phone were not on yet. It was before the days that everyone had a cellphone. I was sceduled for work 30 miles away in Pompano Beach. I drove there. It was closed. Drove back through the flood. Huge trees were in in the road. I watched telephone polls fall and spark. I made it home and attended a neighbors hurricane party.

Talk about young and stupid.

Ordenarly, I’d weather a storm. I did that one plus two other category 4 storms in South Florida while I resided there. But here’s the thing; most Florida consruction is made to withstand those types of winds. Most of New York’s pre-war construction was not. Plus I am currently in Lower Manhattan, surrounded by water on 3 sides in a basement apartment.

It’s a no-win. It’s going to be horendous trying to leave with hundreds, if not thousands of others with the same idea. I booked a room upstate for a couple of nights. I’m hoping this is all over soon and I can get back in the city again by Monday afternoon. That’s all I have to say. Who knows, maybe it’ll miss. Let’s hope so.



  1. drew said,

    Oh. Back in nyc???? Try spell check. *******and good luck

  2. graig said,

    Hope your place did okay in the storm and the gift I sent didn’t get damaged. Also hope you’re doing better these days after what was in those posts a couple months ago. If you ever need anything I’d be happy to help or at least listen. Have a great weekend Heather.

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