Andrew Parker JAILWATCH AGAIN?!?

August 24, 2011 at 4:38 pm (Andrew Parker)

Andrew Parker doing shots with an early career Jenny Hendrix and myself at the Nightmoves show in Tampa

I received a message today that Andrew Parker was once again arrested for theft This time was in Connecticut trying to steal a $6,000 Rolex watch.  I’m trying to confirm the information but the website for Connecticut Department of Corrections only shows sentenced inmates.  I have reason to belive the incident took place in Greenwich as Parker had previously offended in that area but cannot find a website for their local jail.

This is a person who publicly trashed me for my adult industry past, but at least what I was doing was legal, or at least honest.  He was happy to run with the porn crowd until his mom found out.


NORWALK — A New York City man was arrested Thursday for trying to use a  phony credit card to buy a Rolex watch, police said.

Andrew Pollack, 41, of 211 East 70th St., New York, N.Y., was charged with  third-degree forgery and criminal attempt to commit third-degree larceny. He was  held on $25,000 bond.

Sgt. Lisa  Cotto said an investigation began Aug. 4, when Pollack talked to a sales  person about buying a $6,000 Rolex watch at David Harvey Jewelers at 51 Wall  St., in Norwalk

As Pollack and the sales person were getting ready to close the deal, Pollack became extremely nervous when the salesperson made copies of his credit card and license, Cotto said.

Seeming to quickly lose interest in the watch, Pollack decided to put off the  purchase and left the store, police said. The salesperson grabbed the photocopy  of the license and began searching for Pollack’s name on Google.

Pollack’s name appeared in a newspaper article about trying to charge $15,000  on a credit card at Richard’s clothing store in Greenwich without the owner’s  knowledge, police said; before that, he was arrested by Westport police for  pulling a similar stunt. Pollack’s Greenwich case is still pending  in court.

After seeing the story online, the employee called police and investigators  looked at the credit card and were told by the bank that no such card exists,  Cotto said.

When he was notified of a warrant for his arrest, Pollack turned himself in  to police.

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  1. drew said,

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      Thank you Drew… WTF is wrong with him though?? Does he like jail or something?

  2. drew said,

    He. Was using bogus credit card like always. Not out right stealing but close enuff. He always was saying its a victimless crime and they have insurance. Guess that’s 2 more years in ny state and a few in connecticut. ******* do the crime. Do the time

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      Ok, its victimless, I get it. But the time?? I mean, does he like jail? There are many things that are illegal that sound fun and victimless, but jail is horrible, even the drunk tank. I’d never want to do time. Which if he had another charge pending and they find out he just did a year is exactly what would happen again.

  3. nyc man said,

  4. drew said,

    his mother was not in court he must have burned thru all her cash?or she left town
    next date dec 11 then trial set for feb19th but he will plead ============================================================FOUR TO NINE=============MINUS 1YEAR TIMESERVED BUT ADD 2 FOR BREAKING PAROLE

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