Michael Fattorosi & PWL

July 19, 2011 at 12:24 pm (adult, Uncategorized)


This above is the link found to be sent by Michael from his girlfriend Vanessa Blue’s email account.

Michael Fattorosi is an attorney I came to know both personally and professionally near the end of my performing career. I was known to have a show on KSEX. But before I had my show there I was signed to Primetime Uncensored, another Internet radio station. I even signed for them at the first Exxxotica Miami convention along with Monica Mayham. Aside from running the studio he was known as one of the top attorneys in 2257 law, as well as adult industry law in general. He was worldly and obviously well-educated. I enjoyed the conversations I had with him.

I was shocked and disappointed upon reading this thread of emails. I wish he would have used better judgement when picking DL as a client. (I don’t use DL’s name or the name of the PWL site on here. They don’t deserve the free advertisement) First off, I doubt that DL has any real money for attorney fees. Secondly, why would you take any case/client that would sabotage pretty much the chance of anyone wanting to use you for legal services in the future. I was friends with many well-known attorneys back east. If they didn’t want to take a particular case they would just set the retainer fees so high that the perspective client would just look for somebody else to represent them. Michael was articulate and obviously well-educated. You would figure he’d pick better friends than DL if that was the reason he took him as a client. Hell, some of the people who were getting there lives ruined by DL would have made better friends and/or clients for Fattorosi.

Two people who were very close to me had their phone numbers, family’s pictures, addresses and other information posted on PWL. My one friend lost the relationship she was in over it. My other friend is very sensitive and I could only imagine what it was like for him. I remember seeing pictures of Michael Vegas father at one of his work events. He was a dean of a university, and it was obviously something that could have hurt him really badly. I don’t know Michael Vegas but in that moment I felt really bad for him. It could have easily been pics of my dad on that site.

And since they were brought up in that thread of emails, I think Mr. & Mrs Teagan should speak up fast! Why should they be excluded from all this but it’s okay for the rest of us? The cast system was my least favorite part of the business.


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