What’s up with weed?

July 13, 2011 at 10:54 am (Health, personal, Uncategorized)

Yesterday I found out that a former coworker of mine, who was on probation for a domestic incident, was driving a girl home from work when he got pulled over. Upon the police discovery that he was on probation, his car was searched. The girl of whom he was driving home was carrying marijuana. Because it was in his car they were both taken to jail and the violation of probation caused him to earn 6 months in the LA towers.

Granted I’m not on probation and probably never will be.  and I don’t know the details of what got him on probation in the first place.  Still the people who regularly smoke marijuana many times can’t seem to respect the fact that people don’t want extra attention from law enforcement.

I have had fights with people who smoke weed over the years because they like to grandstand about how harmless it is.Yes, I get it. You can’t die from smoking weed. It does not cause people to get violent and kill people. But why do you guys feel the need to carry it around and smoke it anytime, anywhere? I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve driven a friend somewhere and from their belongings they’ll produce a bag, joint, bong, etc. and just start smoking it in my car. Same goes with my house, but the car is more concerning. If I say something they can never respect that I don’t want it there and will lecture me about how it’s “just pot” or “basically legal” or “not really a drug” or something to that effect. What’s wrong with just respecting that I don’t want it there?

Unlike hard drugs marijuana leaves a smell that makes it easier to find then a bag of cocaine, which I also don’t do btw.

And maybe it’s safe but does it not cause other problems? Yes! I had a roommate after college that did nothing all day besides lay and bed, smoke weed, and stick me with the bills. Oh, and have her pothead friends over that treated my apartment like a teenage crashing pad.

Does anyone else understand what I’m trying to say?  Try to respect that others might not want to have problems for drugs they don’t even do or like, regardless of the fact its “practicly leagal”.




  1. drew said,

    Someone else has possesion. Its not your charges. I don’t think that is parole violation

  2. Ray said,

    Just found your blog, while doing a Web search for Jennifer Marchant. I don’t know who you are and doubt I’ve seen any of your videos…but your blog is awesome! Weed…same as you, I can’t stand it. Plus the fact that I’m Jamaican and have dreads to my waist…I can’t stand all the ignorant comments from people as well! Keep posting 🙂

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