Echo Valley dies in car accident

June 6, 2011 at 1:16 pm (adult, Uncategorized)



This week we are mourning the tragic death of yet another porn star: Cynthia Gillig-Stone, AKA “Echo Valley.”

On the night of May 21, Cynthia was driving on U.S. Route 83 near Leakey, Texas, where she was entering a bar and her car was rear-ended by a pickup truck. It was reported by a state trooper that she was not wearing a seatbelt, thus she was ejected from her car as a result of the rear-end crash.

Cynthia died at the scene.

According to a close friend, she did not wear seatbelts while driving because of her extremely large breast implants. Her breasts were enhanced to size 65NN and were 3rd largest in the United States. State troopers reported if she had been wearing a seatbelt, she would likely still be alive.

Cynthia performed in more than twenty porn films along with being an exotic dancer and escort.


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  1. Nana Monster said,

    Rest In Peace my darling! :(((

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