1 year ago today I started this blog.

April 21, 2011 at 9:35 pm (adult, Heather Pink, Los Angeles, mainstream, New York, personal)

And despite what my critics say it was not for attention. I was living in New York, if you could call it that. More like isolated in New York. My friends for the most part were out west. I was involved with the guy whom I named before who for the most part, wouldn’t let me talk to anyone. If we went out he’d basically expect me to look at the floor all night. If someone had a conversation with me,( of course since I had worked in porn) I was trying to fuck them! Even though most of the friends he had that I met though him were 19 years old, on drugs, or thugs from Hunt’s Point. I never left my apartment, and I let myself go physically almost to prove to him that I wasn’t going to do anything. It was killing my sanity and I had no one to talk to. I had Internet though. I found that when I was on my Twitter page talking about what was going on, I felt better. Then I looked at the WordPress site and found it was as easy to blog as it was to use any social network site. I started this blog and started to write about my experiences and things that were interesting to me. I didn’t think that people would actually read it. It still boggles my mind how many people read this blog, sometimes as many as 500 a day(not every day, of course, but still a lot.)

I’ve learned a few things from this whole experience:

I love mainstream stories more than porn, but my stories about porn get the most hits.

Women outside of porn will hate me no matter how nice I am and how many years have gone by since my last movie. This is particularly true among women in there 40s and soccer mom types. They can sum up any reason to say I’m a bad or stupid person by some “you did porn” argument.

Andrew Parker is more popular to read about and gets more Google hits and readers than Noel Ashman. Both lose to Richard Brill though, who was one of my most popular entrys. (RIP Richard) Noel Ashman googles himself a lot though from what I’ve noticed on my WordPress dashbord.

It’s been a great first year for writing this and I can see myself continuing to do so for a long time. I would encourage others in the business to do so as well. It’s as easy as Twitter, Facebook or any social network site



  1. drew said,

    But is just me or *****i met u with parker and you seemed fine???? He was parker being parker. Everything was kosher. ???? The rest of the time I don’t know, but I do know that when every relationship ends………then the other. Person was a jerk ans treated me so poorly. ?????
    Is it possible you are. Using his fame to increase your hits????? Seems obvious ? And why are you still sweatn him????? Next post will be parker stalking me. ****************did he beat you ????? Sounds like sour grapes???? My x bad mouthed me all over nyc and sobe. But for four years she seemed fine??? Feelings. Anger jealousy. Don’t make for facts ,,,,,,,

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      Used HIS fame, lol. If anything he used mine for media attention. I don’t care about hits if you go online you have to look pretty hard for anything written about him. After we broke up people came up to me saying they had no idea who he was or thought he was gay before me. I wasn’t even in porn at the time we met. It was his idea that I get back in then when we broke up he badmouthed me for it. What a hippocrate. He was doing nasty things to me and even taking the breakup out on my dog to impress his mom and his new girlfriend BUW (not even a BBW) Joslyn Wohl. Then in the daily beast she was all suprised that he took all her money and used her,( duh, bitch) Before they were together he used to make fun of her to me for being weird and dumpy looking. I’m not sweating him. However he did things to me that effected my life for years even after the breakup. The guy in the begining part of the article was not Andrew Parker.

  2. drew said,

    I am going to jail for a year. After seeing how good parker looks now. I could lose lbs. Too. And work out. Play b ball.

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