Question to my readers in NYC: Was Andrew Parker/Pollack released?

April 6, 2011 at 9:12 am (Andrew Parker, New York)

It says on the New York Department of Corrections website that his earliest release date was 3/28/11. He has outstanding charges in Conneticut for basicly the same thing although he’s not listed on their state prison website as an inmate. Maybe a halfway house situation? I can’t see him getting off this easy for the amount and seriousness of the charges.

From NYS-DOC website:



  1. drew said,

    I hear hez out. And they threw a party 4 him. But I can’t confirm it. But one guy told me

  2. heatherpinknyla said,

    Wonder how he affords all this partying with no job?

  3. drew said,

    He has been selling clothing on 86. 3rd and lex. All summer. Making decent money. He is a little nutty but he is not stupid. Although after using his real I d. And breaking pare maybe he is dumb

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