Kaycee Brooks speaks on Twitter

April 27, 2011 at 1:38 pm (adult, Health, Los Angeles, Uncategorized)

Kaycee’s Twitter account is http://twitter.com/#!/Kaycee_Brooks

As many of you in the industry have read over the week Kaycee Brooks the partner of HIV+ Camron Reed had been doing live camshows with him according to an online profile. Then it was also reported by Shy Love that email blasts have been sent out that Kaycee has been trying to get work performing. Kaycee responded on Twitter that the couple is no longer together. Is there a way of checking how old a profile is for cam sites? Maybe it was old and was made before his HIV diagnosis. With all due respect, if they are no longer together and she has passed many PCR-DNA tests, companies should form there own opinion on hiring her. I’ve seen ickier things happen in the industry, like when Jessica Dee’s husband was working in the business for many years after she was diagnosed HIV+ (I find Kaycee to be pretty cute btw)


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Happy Easter 2011!

April 24, 2011 at 8:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Have a great holiday to all who are celebrating.

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1 year ago today I started this blog.

April 21, 2011 at 9:35 pm (adult, Heather Pink, Los Angeles, mainstream, New York, personal)

And despite what my critics say it was not for attention. I was living in New York, if you could call it that. More like isolated in New York. My friends for the most part were out west. I was involved with the guy whom I named before who for the most part, wouldn’t let me talk to anyone. If we went out he’d basically expect me to look at the floor all night. If someone had a conversation with me,( of course since I had worked in porn) I was trying to fuck them! Even though most of the friends he had that I met though him were 19 years old, on drugs, or thugs from Hunt’s Point. I never left my apartment, and I let myself go physically almost to prove to him that I wasn’t going to do anything. It was killing my sanity and I had no one to talk to. I had Internet though. I found that when I was on my Twitter page talking about what was going on, I felt better. Then I looked at the WordPress site and found it was as easy to blog as it was to use any social network site. I started this blog and started to write about my experiences and things that were interesting to me. I didn’t think that people would actually read it. It still boggles my mind how many people read this blog, sometimes as many as 500 a day(not every day, of course, but still a lot.)

I’ve learned a few things from this whole experience:

I love mainstream stories more than porn, but my stories about porn get the most hits.

Women outside of porn will hate me no matter how nice I am and how many years have gone by since my last movie. This is particularly true among women in there 40s and soccer mom types. They can sum up any reason to say I’m a bad or stupid person by some “you did porn” argument.

Andrew Parker is more popular to read about and gets more Google hits and readers than Noel Ashman. Both lose to Richard Brill though, who was one of my most popular entrys. (RIP Richard) Noel Ashman googles himself a lot though from what I’ve noticed on my WordPress dashbord.

It’s been a great first year for writing this and I can see myself continuing to do so for a long time. I would encourage others in the business to do so as well. It’s as easy as Twitter, Facebook or any social network site

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Hunter Bryce dies at age 30

April 16, 2011 at 4:27 pm (adult, Los Angeles)

Hunter Bryce died in her sleep on April 13. The cause of death is unknown at this time. She entered the adult industry as a nude model in 2006, then progressed to hardcore two years later. Pre-porn she worked in real estate, was well-educated and an avid reader of literature.

If anyone hears information on a funeral or memorial service, please email me at heatherpinknyla@gmail.com.

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Long Island’s Craigslist Killer: May have law enforcement background

April 13, 2011 at 3:13 am (adult, New York)

From ABC News:

Whoever Dumped Bodies of Eight Women on New York Beach May Have Knowledge of Police Techniques, Investigators Say
Police are considering the possibility that the serial killer who has dumped at least eight bodies along a Long Island barrier beach may be an ex-cop or other law officer, law enforcement officials familiar with the case said.

The possibility that the killer could be a former law enforcement official or other person with knowledge of law enforcement techniques is being considered based on evidence that the suspect may understand investigators’ procedures, they said.

Numerous people with possible links to the four slain women who have been identified have come to the attention of police since the investigation began, the officials said.

Police are also looking at people who have had regular or routine access to the beach where the bodies were found, and investigators are also exploring possible links to the serial killer who murdered prostitutes in New Jersey, they said.

“[The killer] could be law enforcement, could be a civil servant, could be a code enforcement person, could be a building inspector, could be a postman … or it could be anyone who knows the area quite well,” former New York Police Department detective Wally Zeins told ABC News.

One clue that the killer may have a detailed knowledge of police techniques is that he or she allegedly placed several taunting phone calls to a murder victim’s relative, according to those familiar with the case.

The calls were placed from crowded spots like New York’s Penn Station, where even if police were able to trace the cell signal, it would be next to impossible for surveillance cameras to single out the killer.

“The caller always stayed on the phone for under three minutes — which indicated that he or she knows that it takes the police from three to five minutes to trace the call,” Rod Wheeler, former homicide detective told “Good Morning America.”

“Most of these telephone calls that have gone out to the deceased have been a male’s voice, so from that you have to assume it’s probably a male that’s doing these crimes,” he added.

According to one investigator familiar with the case and the behavior of serial killers, this appears to be an organized serial killer who plans methodically and is probably above average intelligence. It appears that the killer usually lures people, kills them in one place and then disposes of the body in another.

This sort of killer is often social — not a loner — with family, friends and what would appear to be a normal life, the investigator said.

It was the disappearance of a prostitute that led New York police to stumble on the serial killer’s ocean-front dumping ground in western Suffolk County.

Shannan Gilbert, 24, disappeared in May 2010 after arranging online to meet a client. Her disappearance triggered a search in the scrub brush along Gilgo Beach, a popular summer getaway spot, but much less frequently visited in the winter.

In December police found four skeletal bodies, all of them women and all of them prostitutes, but none were Gilbert.

Police say Gilbert met a man named Joseph Brewer on Craigslist the night that she disappeared, but so far he has been cooperative with their investigation and isn’t a suspect. There are now new reports a second man was seen partying with Gilbert the night she went missing, but so far no arrests have been made.

Last week, cops found another four bodies. Those bodies have not been identified, but Suffolk County Police said Tuesday that none of the remains belonged to Gilbert.

Cops obtained DNA samples of Gilbert’s family last year and were able to quickly check the remains against those samples.

The police conclusion suggests that Gilbert is possibly a ninth victim of a serial killer.

Cops searched the brush along Gilgo Beach and neighboring Oak Beach last week, looking for the bodies of more women potentially killed and dumped in the thick vegetation, while other detectives worked to create a profile of the man who is stalking prostitutes online and killing them.

Suffolk County police have kept a tight lid on many of the investigation’s details, commenting publicly only on the search efforts, including the canine units with cadaver sniffing dogs and a dozen police recruits from the academy brought in to help search for bodies.

In December, while searching for Gilbert, police stumbled on the killer’s dumping ground, an area that has turned out to be a seven-mile stretch of beach as more bodies were discovered.

Zeins is confident that the killer will eventually slip up.

“The reason why we put erasers on pencils is because we all make mistakes. Whoever it is will make a mistake, and they’ll get caught,” he said.

Long Island Serial Killer’s Body Count May Grow
Brad Garrett, an ABC News consultant and former FBI agent who has investigated dozens of high profile cases including the death of Washington intern Chandra Levy and the 2001 anthrax mailings, said he feels there is a distinct connection between the killer and the area.

“Given the volume of bodies in one location, it tells me the killer is very familiar with this stretch of road,” Garrett said. “He grew up there, works there, lives there, or has a reason to frequent area. He feels comfortable stopping on that road at least eight times and dragging women to the sea grass line without worrying about being caught.”

Though the profile of the Long Island killer is specific to the clues he has left behind, experts say there are typical traits many killers tend to have.

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Question to my readers in NYC: Was Andrew Parker/Pollack released?

April 6, 2011 at 9:12 am (Andrew Parker, New York)

It says on the New York Department of Corrections website that his earliest release date was 3/28/11. He has outstanding charges in Conneticut for basicly the same thing although he’s not listed on their state prison website as an inmate. Maybe a halfway house situation? I can’t see him getting off this easy for the amount and seriousness of the charges.

From NYS-DOC website:

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Personal information leaked through AIM healthcare.

April 2, 2011 at 5:55 am (adult, Los Angeles, Uncategorized)

I wasn’t sure what to run on this for a long time. I know of another website that can help. Please email me for details: heatherpinknyla@gmail.com

From Fox News:

A California-based health clinic that caters to the porn industry is reportedly the source of patient information released to a WikiLeaks-style website, exposing the names, birth dates, stage names and HIV status of more than 12,000 current and former adult film performers.

The private information from the former Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation clinic in Sherman Oaks, Calif., now known as AIM Medical Associates, was released earlier this year on Pornwikileaks.com, according to a March 30 article by Gawker.com.

“This essentially ‘outed’ them to any passing Googler, which caused an uproar in the industry since many porn performers try to keep their real name secret, for obvious reasons,” Gawker’s Adrian Chen wrote. “That 15,000 names were on the list was significant, especially considering only about 1,200-1,500 performers are currently working in California’s Porn Valley.”

Chen’s article relied largely on information from porn industry blogger Mike South and an unidentified former porn performer who claims he used a stage name made up “off the top of [his] head” prior to an HIV test eight years. That fictitious name — which the actor claims was never used or spoken anywhere else — was listed solely on AIM’s testing form, but recently appeared on Pornwikileaks.com.

“Without a question, [the leak] came from AIM,” the actor told Gawker.com.

Hustler Fined $14G for Not Using Condoms in Porn
South, meanwhile, urged former AIM clients to get in touch with the San Fernando Valley clinic.

“If you have ever tested at AIM you may want to call them, or better yet: Send them a certified letter demanding that all of your info be removed from their database,” South wrote on his blog. “Even though the damage is done, it is clear that AIM has no direct knowledge how it happened so it could and probably will happen again.”

Attempts to reach AIM officials and Pornwikileaks early Thursday were unsuccessful and a message seeking comment from South was not returned.

Jeffrey Douglas, an attorney for the clinic, told The Los Angeles Times late Wednesday that officials did not have a comment concerning the allegations, but may release one on Thursday.

According to the porn industry’s voluntary guidelines, performers must have tested HIV-negative within 30 days of filming. Directors are permitted to access AIM’s database to ensure compliance.

The AIM clinic opened in 1998, but was shut down in December by Los Angeles County public health officials two days after state health officials denied its application to operate as a community clinic based on what regulators called “business-related issues,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

After it was sold, state officials allowed the clinic to reopen as AIM Medical Associates P.C., part of a doctor’s office regulated by the Medical Board of California.

Messages seeking comment from Los Angeles County public health officials were not immediately returned early Thursday.

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