Sketchy Florida talent manager/POV star Charles Taylor may be dead

March 7, 2011 at 3:48 am (adult)

Update: Just for background, this was written by Jasmine Tame a few years ago on

Female performer writes: Who is Charles Taylor? See more at

Charles Taylor (real name Michael Chapin) is a forty something dork. This guy couldn’t legitimately get a woman to screw him if his life depended on it. Charles (as he promotes himself in the adult industry) is a loser who preys on unsuspecting females interested in getting into the Adult Industry.

Why do I know this? He tried the same moves on me when I agreed to meet with him in April 2007. I called an ad Charles placed on Craig’s List for models.

When I called him, he told me he was the main agent for the area and he had connections with every producer and company in Tampa and Miami. Looking at him and listening to what he was saying should have been my first clue. Not only did I not think he knew the producers and companies he was talking about, it was very difficult to carry on a conversation with him.

I met him at Bennigan’s on Dale Mabry next to the Days Inn. During our conversation he said he needed pics of me to show his contacts. I understood this and not having sent decent photos to him I agreed asking for copies I could send out also.

When went to a porn store called Fantasy Land located at we went into a pool (game) room. He then asked me to take my clothes off and as I started to do this for photos, he told me he needed to screw me to see if I was quality enough to send to his contacts. I told him no and he said if I didn’t fuck him he wouldn’t introduce me to any producers or companies.

I then raised my voice and said louder, I’m not gonna fuck you! About 30 sec. later the door opened and a guy from the place asked him to leave. I was first shocked by what happened and then pissed off. I couldn’t believe that this asshole had just tried to pull a casting couch on me.

As soon as I got home I started doing some research on Mr. Taylor. It seems he has been pulling this kind of shit for quite some time. I made some posts, create a website and received many emails from other ladies.

It seems there are many females who also had the displeasure of being sexually harassed by Charles (Michael Chapin) Taylor. One interesting thing I found hard to believe was that Charles discovered Porn Star Jasmine Tame. In researching his sites and 1 video (he claims to be a porn star) I contacted Jasmine through her MySpace page. I had seen a video where she performed with him and wanted to see if he pulled the same crap with her. Bingo!

She did however make my day by telling me she kicked him out of her car while on the interstate. She said he wanted her to drive to shoots, pay him and fuck him. She said he just pissed her of so much she wanted him out of her car right then. Go Girl!

I also received many emails from other women who had the same unfortunate experience.

Here are a few:
to me

Hello, my name is Nicole S. and in March of this year Charles pulled the same tricks with me. He would not take me home unless I had sex with him I was terrified. Please keep up the good work you are doing to get this sex predator off the streets and take advantage of young girls as myself.

to me

My name is Jenny and I am a 37 yr old female. My friend and I went to Charles for an audition. He wanted both of us to sleep with him to get us started in the industry. We refused, and Charles said he would not refer either of us to companies cuz we wouldn’t sleep with him. My friend and I went to Miami to work so we wouldn’t fall prey to assholes like Charles.

to me

I know all about this loser…I had the unfortunate misfortune to meet him, A few years ago. When he has a modeling agency that was called something else..gosh i cant remember the name of it..I think it started with a “t” good for you exposing him. He is a big loser.

As you can see Charles has used his casting couch “hostage for sex” style antics many times before. In fact Charles has gone so far as to leave girls stranded in Miami with no way home because they would not fuck him. What an asshole!

Charles is the ultimate scum in a male dominated industry. I found that this guy has over 20 different website names that mostly redirect to .

This comment was left in my comment area by Florida adult performer Tony Teresi:

Heather Pink !!!
how are you ?
your arch nemesis Charles Taylor pasted away in October 2010 of an accidental drug over dose of oxy cotton and sleeping pills according to some of his close personal friends…

i just thought you should know since he was always giving you BS for no reason at all..

Charles Taylor was hardly anyone I gave much thought to although he tried to cause some problems and blamed me for when he got thrown out an industry party.



  1. Darrah said,

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      Yes. That is him. I’ll private message you to give you the info on this guy. I didn’t want to badmouth him if he is in fact dead but he’s DL type bad. In some ways worse.

      • Tony Teresi said,

        Heather, look him up on FB and read what his close friends wrote, i found out when i posted to his page on his Birthday to say H’Bday and as i scrolled down i saw all of the Rest in Peace comments so i asked 2 of his closest friends what happened and they sent me a private message as to how he died…

  2. Jimmy Hooligan said,

    I met that dude back in 2004 while at the porn internet convention. He tried to run that same game on this chick I brought down but she was smart enough to call me and say, “This dude wants me to fuck him”. I rushed over to the hotel and got her out of there. Total scumbag move, but what do you expect from people who are involved with porn. There’s more scumbags than model citizens.

    – Jimmy Hooligan

    ps – Heather, I filmed you back in the day in Philly. You were awesome.

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      Bhahahahaha!!! I knew xpt would appreciate this vital piece of industry news, lol. He used to try to drop my name to girls when he’d try to fuck them. I didn’t want to take credit for actully knowing him, it sucked! I have a few heinous stories about him. He needs his own memorial tribute site. I’ve never seen such a positive reaction to someone being dead since wanker wang or possibly a serial killer.

      Thank u for the sweet compliment. Keep in touch:)

  3. Judice crist said,

    Karma’s a bitch and what goes around comes around, that’s all i gotta say about all of you !!!!!

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