Bachlor parties and the new breed of man

February 23, 2011 at 2:42 pm (adult)

If you go back 20-30 years ago there was a natural progression in dating. Guys would maybe have a girlfriend in highschool, then maybe go on to college where they meet someone else,  then fall in love settle down and get married by the time they hit their mid to late 20’s. The age of marriage has been pushed much farther up and often never happens at all in 2011, a huge change.

This has been my observation from watching my male friends and even my own dating experiences. A guy meets a girl, spends a significant amount of time with her and entertains the idea of getting more serious. When he talks to his single friends about this, they usually don’t want to lose the type of relationship they have with their friend and will usually talk him out of it. The methods range from calling the guy a pussy to finding fault in the woman, saying anything from she’s just trying to control you, she’s out for money, she’s a slut, back in highschool she did 50 guys and a hotdog at a party, and so on.

The new breed of man has more loyalty to his male friends than he will any woman and will usually give into this. Then they are free to pursue more meaningful mans-men activities together until they are 45. This is where you find 40 men with the big dream of being a club promoter.

If one of them makes it as far as being engaged the male friends can’t wait for the bachelor party to be thrown. I worked in adult entertainment. I’ve seen bachelor parties and know what goes on at them. usually the guys get together at a house or sometimes a hotel suite. I’ve seen anywhere from 1 to 15 girls that are usually found by the best man at strip clubs, escort services, referrals from other girls and god knows how many other places. They send the would-be groom to a bedroom and the goal with the male attendees is to get him to “change his mind.” It’s also happens A LOT where the attendees accidentally/on purpose let the bride find out what happened that night. Bad idea.

I’m pretty sexually liberal, obviously. But if I was engaged part of the deal would have to be no bachelor party. The fact that he would be marrying an ex-pornstar would have to be enough for him.



  1. drew said,

    Men are exactly the same as they have always been. The change is with women. Girld hold the cards. They own the flower. Its up to the girl. Girls have become porn stars next door. Bachelor party is not a major issue. ****** kids fucking and sucking at 12. Is. But your harry reeds party has been forcing this down peoples *****for 60 years.

  2. heatherpinknyla said,

    I never supported Harry Reid. No one would listen to me when I would try to tell them that the demorcrats were not an ‘adult industry friendly’ party either but should use this as an example. Porn isn’t exactly flurishing under the Obama administration either.

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