Oops… I Just Told My Employer to Fuck Off

November 29, 2010 at 3:35 pm (Heather Pink, Las Vegas)

Does anyone know anyone in Vegas who is hiring for a job that dosn’t require screwing or taking my clothes off? I just quit my job and they pretty much deserved what they got. I had 2 days worth of harrassing, insulting, threatening, texts from the guy, as late as 1 am. To the point of which my friend that I was with was asking if he was manic or on coke. I guess with the 16% unemployment they just feel they can act any way they want here.

So I cussed him out. It felt awesome. Before this year I have never cussed anyone out in my life. I usually take any work I’m doing seriously.

If anyone knows anyone who is hiring for anything please contact me. I’ve done high end sales, worked in fashion, worked in nightclubs, as well as regular desk jobs. It’s not like I don’t have job skills. I’ve held jobs since I was 15 and would even work regular jobs durring my porn career.



  1. JoefromArizonaUSA said,

    WOW…..that is crazy !

  2. j a wellington said,

    try being a “temp”. it is not steady work, but it can lead to something else.

    consider filing a compliant against the person who harassed you.

    good luck

  3. kaitlin said,

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  4. Vicky said,

    I came across your blog – interesting – and will add it to my “interesting blogs” in a minute.

    Since this was posted in November, I will assume that you have already found employment, but for future reference… I know someone that is opening a biz in Vegas. No doubt that you are not interested in the party stripping thing as you state that you have exited adult biz; however, they are trying to get a guide type of service going. It is referred to as “Party with a Stripper in Vegas” and described as:

    “Are you alone in Las Vegas or with a group that would enjoy a local guide? We have beautiful and friendly dancers, showgirls, entertainers, and strippers that have retired from professional dancing and are available to show you the town. Vegas is even more fun when you go where the locals go to party. Check out the real Vegas party scene with a gorgeous, and appropriately dressed, woman on your arm. Check the Rates page for special pricing!”

    websites: http://partybyvalentina.com/ and http://www.partywithastripper.com/

    It won’t be open until early April, but the owner intends to really push the guide service as a specialty.

    Anyway, all the best to you in your pursuits in life.


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