Ex Andrew Pollack aka Andrew Parker Gets Time

September 25, 2010 at 1:23 am (adult, Andrew Parker, Heather Pink, Luke Ford, New York)

Andrew Parker last year participated in a bizarre identity theft credit card scheme.  Durring the prosess he lost his Madison Ave boutique that I basically used to run, and spent a few months in Rikers Island.  While he was out on bail we spoke once.  He said he was sorry about what had happened at the end of our relationship.  He sounded nothing like he did while we were together.

A month later I get a call from Page 6.  He had been arrested again for stealing items from Hermes and Burberry stores on Madison Ave.  He was held without bail at Rikers again, with pending charges in Greenwich Ct.

His sentencing was in New York  earlier this week.  1 to 3 years which he’ll be doing upstate.  I assume the out-of-state charges will be additional time.

His info can be found at these 2 links:



Camera of Death, circa 2006



  1. J A Wellington said,

    you look attractive in that picture, heather. how do you feel about his sentence, heather? good weekend,

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      He had everything in life handed to him. His mom opened a high end store for him on Madison & 77th, had a lot of famous connections. I can’t beleve he would go this route. I’d be worth a lot of money if I was given half of what he was given. He had no clue on how the world really works and I hope this wakes him up. However, he’s 41 years old and I think after a certain point in your life you just get set in your ways.

      • drew299 said,

        he wasnt given that much / he used to sell ties at the flea on park ave the first store they worked pretty hard as i remember

        he made those connections, its the one thing he was really good at………..he did a good job except for going criminal…………

      • heatherpinknyla said,

        Drew, most people outside of manhattan didn’t have parents that opened clothing stores for them in prime real estate areas or send them to prep schools that cost more than most colleges. Andrew and his peers came from backgrounds where they had no clue where money comes from and thought that everyone in the worlds parents took care of them. If my parents opened a Madison Ave. store for me I’d never have worked in the porn industry. Yet those were the first group of people that hated on us.

  2. J A Wellington said,

    It sounds like he has deep problems. maybe, he felt that he was not worthy of all the good that he was given. so, he destroyed it. it is just my theory based on superficial information.

    it is a sad story, though.

  3. J A Wellington said,

    what do you mean by “accountability” issues? not willing to acknowledge that he was doing something wrong or illegal? thanks.

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      That and everything that ever happened to him was always someone elses falt.

  4. john said,

    i’m sure he’ll make new “friend” soon 😉 Lube up Andy boy!

    • heatherpinknyla said,

      Hate to say it that was my first thought when he went in. He’s a bit too metrosexual for prison.

  5. fapjunkie said,

    At least he’ll be able to see Lil Wayne live in concert there. :]

  6. gia jordan said,

    The fuck is he wearing?

  7. Fancy Schmancy People » Blog Archive » Awardz Boyfriend said,

    […] His sentencing was in New York heatherpinknyla.wordpress.com […]

  8. drew said,

    Did u see yesterdays d news. Picture of a p. And gang. He’s done

  9. Kay said,

    is his mother just as eccentric?

  10. drew said,


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