Thank You

September 17, 2010 at 2:28 am (adult, eating disorders, Heather Pink, personal)

To everyone who left such supportive words about my condition, it means so much.  There are a group of people within the adult industry who almost enjoy misfortune on the part of the performers, and i didn’t get too much backlash for coming forward with this.  Not even too badly from xxxporntalk.  

With that being said ,Redgoat ( worry about your own problems and get a life, seriously.



  1. john said,

    I fucking love you Heather Pink!

  2. Eli said,

    I think you are stronger than you think you are; you’re a survivor and you’re gonna make it and be OK. I continue to wish you the very best, I think you’re great. Gonna send you a more detailed email, would like to talk to you.

  3. harriet brill said,

    i fully agree with the last person writing to youu
    your a good and kind person
    I do know people
    Wish you the best

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