Question From Heather Pink’s Email

August 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm (adult, Heather Pink)

A reader writes:

Heather,  I found your blog interesting.  I wish you the best in your future
pursuits.   I know that you get a lot of the questions about the industry, sex,
etc.   I have strong interest in behavioral economics, as result I am interested
to understand the economics of the porn industry.  It would seem given the viral
effects of free downloading that it wouldn’t be as lucrative today as prior
years.  However,  I observe that new porn sites are constantly created and new
girls entering the industry.  Would you be open to sharing your experiences on
your blog?


Answer:  This is talked about often by others in the industry often in the last couple of years.  7-10 years ago, starting a porn site or a line of videos with distribution was considered lucrative.  Now there is so much content that was already made that is not moving.  It’s easier to access a tube site than to buy a site membership or video.  The industry has tried unsuccessfully to stop these sites, which are mostly located offshore,from what I understand.

And yes, new girls are entering the porn industry all the time.  When I entered the industry in the early 2000’s The industry was thought of as a last resort still, for girls that had acting or modeling careers that didn’t pan out.  Now because of Paris Hilton, Jenna Jameson and others, girls are coming out of high school saying”I want to be a porn star. like they are saying “I want to be a flight attendant.”  I alway told girls if there was a chance that they would make it in any other career, go do that first, or go to school.  There is no going back once you have made these movies and it can keep you from holding most types of professions once you have done so.

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  1. john said,

    bangbros has at least 30mil turnover annually

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  4. drew said,

    Heyy heather. Guess who just got arrested again in ct. Buying 6000. Rolex. Got busted.

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