Savannah Died 16 Years Ago Last Week

July 21, 2010 at 11:51 am (adult, Los Angeles, mainstream, Uncategorized)

I never really followed the career of Savannah but decided to look into her life and circumstances due to the very sad anniversary.

Savannah was born in Texas but raised in southern California. Before her time in the porn industry she had worked in NYC strip club SCORES. She attended the AVN awards where she approached an executive from Vivid. From this, a porn career began.

Although one of the more successful stars of her time, she earned a reputation of being a weak performer and difficult to work with. After she was dropped by Vivid, she had difficulty finding work. She was often told she was too old for work in spite of being under 25 years old. (this still happens in porn today) Because of this she makes the decision to shoot a gangbang for John T. Bone called “Starbangers”

She was romantically involved with celebs such as Greg Alman, Pauly Shore, (while underage) and lastly, Guns N Roses guitarist, Slash who had left Savannah after media saw them intimately in public. After Slash returned to and married a previous girlfriend, Savannah fell into a major depression.

After a night of parting with a friend shortly thereafter  Savannah lost control of her vehicle on her way back to her Hollywood Hills home.  injuries were sustained to her face that she felt would have destroyed her career. She asked her friend to walk her dog and when he returned she was covered with blood.  Savannah had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police investigation said the suicide was a result of depression, personal, and financial difficulties. 

RIP  Savannah.


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