Happy 3rd Birthday Butter!

June 29, 2010 at 11:43 pm (doggie, Los Angeles, New York, personal, pets)

Butter as a puppy in our old apartment in LA

Butter sleeping May 2010
As you have most likely figured out, Butter is my dog.  He is my 2nd Miniature Pinture.  Parker my first was lost in a quasi high-profile custody battle with my ex Andrew  in 2006. (http://adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=17172 )  I was told to “just get another dog.”  In my opinion, you cannot replace a dog any more than you can replace a person.
So a year goes by before I felt ready to get another dog.  I didn’t want a puppy so I looked into rescue groups.  I looked into other breeds.  I looked at dogs for six months.  Then, one day I wasn’t looking.  I was vacationing at The Capri in The Hamptons where somebody told me they knew someone with Miniature Pincher puppies  I didn’t want a puppy but I looked anyway.
It was a large litter with some of the puppies being two-toned brown and the rest being black and brown.  He was the one that resembled the one I lost the most.  I held him on my lap and he cuddled into my leg.  He had the same personality as my other dog.  I was sold.  I wish they didn’t dock his tail, but it’s cute anyway. I had an earcrop option.  I said no.  He has the cutest ears, like a pig.  And I wasn’t going to breed or show him. 
Buzzkill: Butter was paid for with money from a Max Hardcore scene!
I picked him up from LAX about a week later.   I took 10 days off work to train him.   He was housebroken in 4 days.  Crate training was easy.  He hardly ever barked.  And this is considered a difficult breed.  I either did a good job or was very fortunate.
The only names that fit him were these really feminine names.  He was nameless for about 2 weeks and I was told by people his name would come to him.  I was at the Mondrian Hotel pool with him and a random stranger said his name is either Butter or Carmel.  Butter was the less girlish of the two.  It was supposed to be a temporary name  until I came up with a better name.  He responds to Butter so it stuck. 
At times like these it feels like he is my only real friend.  I’m out-of-town and can’t be with him.  I left his presents with me roommate:)  He won’t know the difference, but still….


  1. Luv The Bub said,

    Happy Bubba Birthday

  2. gia jordan said,

    Happy birthday, lil guy.

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