Youre A Pornstar?!? OMG, Do You Know (insert name here)

June 19, 2010 at 7:35 pm (adult, Heather Pink, Los Angeles)

This question is usually followed by the roster of girls the asker has met  feature dancing or at a Porno Dan party.  There is a common misconception that the porn industry is a big happy family and we all hang out and have slumber parties together.  Ten years ago when the industry was smaller this may have been true.  I retired from porn in October 2007.  The current popular girls in the business were either just starting, or not in the business yet.  Besides Bree Olsen, I have never met most of the newer girls.   Even on sets the previous girl that shot before you that day is usually just leaving as you are getting there so there is no time to get acquainted.  Not to mention for the last year and a half I’ve lived 3,000 miles away from Porn Valley.

If you go to an industry event such as a party, awards show, or signing girls tend to divide themselves into cliques.  If you talk to someone they almost evaluate whether or not they want their friends to see them talking to you, like middle school.  Seemingly, from my observation, whatever agent you are signed with would determine your group.  Age is another factor.  How much common interest would I have with someone who is 18-20 years old?   That is the majority of girls now.  I don’t fault them, I just can’t relate to them.

Reading the porn gossip sites such as, or the former Luke Ford site, girls are often stealing from each other, getting into fistfights, crashing each other cars, sleeping with each others boyfriends etc.  It seems as if a good portion of so-called good friendships in porn get  seriously tarnished.  I feel better not getting involved in the melee, I have enough of my own problems.  There were a couple of industry girls I was friends with.  They are retired now also.


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