Where Should Heather Pink Move To Next?

June 7, 2010 at 10:24 am (Heather Pink, personal, Travel)

I am outgrowing the NYC club and party scene and the people who live for it.  I have maybe 8 drinks a year and can’t stand drug people.  I am not impressed by celebrities, I think Tinsley Mortimer is the ugliest name I’ve ever heard in my life and don’t care who she  is.  I am sick of people whose entire lives take place in a 10 block radius and they think that they are international superstars because Page 6 talked to them that day.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world doesn’t know or care who they are, BUT THEY NEVER WOULD KNOW THIS BECAUSE THEY NEVER LEAVE THAT 10 BLOCK RADIUS!  AND GUESS WHAT?? PAGE 6 HAS TALKED TO ME A FEW TIMES, ALSO!

My lease is almost up, (Yay!) Why should I pay $2,350 a month for 700 square feet of aggravation?

These are the areas that have been recommended to me recently.  Some of these are even places I have lived in the past.

Atlanta, GA- I lived for a year after college.  It had great shopping, restaurants and nightlife.  I had a good job and quality friends here.  I also remember horrendous traffic, and the slowness of the south being extremely frustrating for most native New Yorkers.

South  Florida(Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale) With Miami being the exact type of place I am trying to get away from, these two close areas might be a better fit for now.  My first home purchase was in nearby Boca Raton, which is about halfway between these two cities.  I had a beautiful waterfront apartment in my early 20’s in Palm Beach, which was my most favorite place I have ever lived.  My favorite Italian restaurant is  Cafe Maderado in Fort Lauderdale.  I wouldn’t mind living by the water off Bayview somewhere.

New Orleans, LA- I have a mainstream job offer here!  I have only been once in my whole life- for my 21st birthday.  I had a friend who was attending Tulane University and bartending in the French Quarter.  I don’t remember being sober once the whole trip, however I do remember eating some greasy, spicy food along with my alcohol and getting sick.  Does anyone know anything else to do in this area?

Hilton Head, SC- A writer friend of mine who has lived in both Los Angeles and New York moved to this area.  She says most of her neighbors are from LA or NYC anyway, but it’s clean and quiet, which would be great.  I love how it looks in pictures, I may have to take a trip soon.

Phoenix, AZ- I used to come here when I was younger with my parents.  I used to know a lot of people who used to frequent this area years ago,  it was supposed to be the next South Beach.  Now I hardly hear of anyone coming here.  beautiful properties  in Scottsdale and Glendale are next to nothing.  What happened?

Las Vegas, NV- Besides drinking, another thing I don’t like to do is gamble.  I’m just too paranoid with money.  This may give me an advantage here.  Like New York, it has great restaurants and shopping.  Also everything is open late which I have also grown accustomed to.  I just wish I knew the good residential areas better.

I’m still open to other suggestions.  I’m just not sold on living here anymore.



  1. John said,

    Well, Heather, I see no one has commented on your where to move delima so I will. I can only speak to the east coast but of all the places you named, I would choose Atlanta. Now admittedly I am biased as I have lived in Atlanta for a number of years but from a travel standpoint you could do a lot worse.

    The other places are all nice but Atlanta offers a convenient way to access all of them-especially those in the eastern and central time zones (New York, Hilton Head, Ft. Lauderdale, and New Orleans). Atlanta offers some nice amenities and works great as a launching spot for trips. I travel to South Florida a lot and the Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale flight is a breeze. New York not so much but not too bad. Hilton Head, Charleston, Savannah (really the whole Georgia/South Caolina coast) are all an easy 4 to 5 hour drive or a 1 hour flight away. You also have the western North Carolina mountains in the summer and early fall-beautiful.

    You are right about the dining, nightlife and shopping in Atlanta but you are also right about the traffic. However, if planned properly, most of the traffic headaches can be side stepped by living close to your favorite activities or in a way that has a commute opposite of the main traffic flow.

    Oh well I am sitting sitting in a Hilton on Long Island (Melville) with nothing going on so I thought I would offer you my opinion before bed. Good luck with your decision.

    Take care, John

    Please forgive the typos, my iPhone did it.

    • joe said,

      i would say move to napa, ca where i live, but i’m just saying that because then i would have a better chance of dating you and having sex with you. hey just bein honest.

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